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From the police constable who raped a girl of 14 to the child found hidden in a water tank, every horrific story of abuse and exploitation we hear encourages us to try even harder to do everything in our power to save the lives of the women and children trapped in the cruel, dark world of human trafficking.

In 2013, we are looking ahead to diversify our impact, reaching out to more victims, survivors, at-risk children and women through a number of new initiatives in different regions. We plan to expand our partnership base to at least two new Indian states, repeatedly in the news for high incidents of trafficking. We plan to set our footprint in West Bengal and Bihar, supporting local grassroots organisations in tackling the huge illegal cross-border human trafficking racket.

Through our new and existing partnership we aim to reach out and directly improve lives and opportunities for at least 10,000 children and women affected in some ways by sexual exploitation and abuse. We will do this by raising money to support rescue missions, shelter care, nutrition, health, education, livelihoods and employment. More importantly, we will support a process of trauma counselling and healing for women and children deeply scarred by repeated abuse. We will fund programmes for psycho-social support, personality development and self-defence through training a minimum of 3000 related professionals.

Through our grassroots partner organisations we will ensure that vulnerable and excluded children and women understand their rights, feel empowered to exercise their rights and avail employment opportunities, health and educational facilities. To achieve this goal, we will support a range of sensitisation and awareness programmes, community forums and local leadership, thus reaching out to at least 200,000 people.

To meet our objectives, we are looking into more innovative fund-raising ideas. One way forward for us is to seek collaborations with existing organisations who would nominate LILY as beneficiaries of their events. One such event will be the Asian Achievers Award (AAA) hosted by Asian Voice/Gujarat Samachar. We are happy to say that our efforts in that direction have yielded results. The Lady Mohini Kent Noon and Bina Rani of iPartner India have already had two meetings with the AAA team and they have chosen LILY as their dedicated charity next year. Their awards event took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in September 2013.

We will also host our LILY signature dinner event in London next summer.

In addition, we plan to organise a series of both small and large fundraising events. We will also be applying for the DIFD matching grant scheme. We aim to raise a minimum of £550,000 to help these children and women and give them a bright future.