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Helen Bamber Foundation

Helping victims reclaim their lives

The Helen Bamber Foundation supports and counsels men, women and children who have been tortured and trafficked. Their team helps to mend what has been broken in a safe environment, where their expertise and specialised knowledge enable survivors to rebuild their lives. “The stories we hear display the worst, but also the best of humanity. When Sadya from Ethiopia came to us she was deeply traumatised. She had witnessed the murder of her husband and son and then she was abducted, attacked and raped. We persuaded the Home Office to grant her permission to stay in the UK and provided the space she needed to grieve. We helped her come to terms with what she had experienced and reduce the horrific flashbacks and panic attacks. We helped her to think about her future and find hope again as a teacher and mother to her daughters.

Our sponsorship will help them provide individualised counselling and healing support to many women like Sadya. And sometimes their children.
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Hope for Justice

Ensuring the victims receive Justice.

Hope for Justice works within the UK to prevent human trafficking and restore victims of
trafficking and exploitation to their families and communities. They believe that human trafficking is happening right within our communities, neighbourhoods and our country. It cannot be left to be solved by someone from the outside. Hope for Justice creates practical solutions to this problem, by investigating, providing intelligence to the police and assisting in the rescue of victims. Since many of the victims arrive in the country illegally, they are terrified of the police. Hope for Justice intervenes and helps these victims reach the aftercare providers as quickly as possible.

Our sponsorship will help Hope for Justice to bring the perpetrators to justice. They will make sure to bring them within the criminal justice process to hold them to full accountability.