Mike Smith
The Lady Mohini Kent Noon
Chair Person

Lady Mohini Kent Noon is an author, journalist, playwright, film-maker & charity worker. She worked as a print journalist with India Today newsmagazine and other publications. She had a fortnightly radio slot on BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio Scotland. Author of a novella ‘Chief Longhooknose’ and a novel ‘The Black Taj’. Her play ‘Rumi: Unveil the Sun”, co-written with her mother Amrit Kent, on Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, the great Sufi mystic, was staged in India and London in 2007, UNESCO Year of Rumi. She co-authored a play with Peter Terson, ‘Dance of The Hour’, set in 1798-99, in the siege of Tipu Sultan’s kingdom. She directedCurry Tiffin”, a documentary film on the history of India through food, for India’s 50th anniversary of independence in 1997. The English commentary is by Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley. Her feature film, The Ramayana, also has commentary by Ben Kingsley. HRH Prince Charles attended the premiere of the stage version. She has made some TV commercials. She gives public talks on many topics, including women, food, charity. She has done voluntary work for women and children’s charities for 25 years. Her charity, Parbati Foundation (1987-2000), worked in the field of education and healthcare. She is currently chairperson of LILY, an anti-trafficking charity. She works in the area of healing, meditation and psychical research.


Baroness Margaret McDonagh
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Lord Rumi Verjee
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Committee Members

Lady Mohini Kent Noon, Founder Chairperson
Ms Bina Rani
Mr Kausar Kazmi
Ms Heena Vekaria
Ms Usha Bhardwaj
Mr Manoj Ladwa

Events Committee

Dr Alka Bagri
Ms Anabel Loyd
Ms Anita Goyal
Ms Rita Chaudhry


Ms Sharmila Tagore
Mr Sonam Dubal
Ms Lillete Dubey
Mr Sanjay Arora
Mr Gantavya Sharma

Youth Ambassadors

Mr Navin Kundra
Mr Ashish Goyal
Ms Selina Goyal
Mr Frederick Parekh-Glitsch